Dani Felt is a Philadelphia-born artist who has adapted her music life in Music City. Her metamorphosis from singer/songwriter genre to the pop genre has exceeded the expectations of many. Felt spins tales of twisted love, dark secrets, and haunted stories. The dark pop sound of her music compliments her powerful and seductive voice. Felt will release her debut pop single “Queen” in August 2020. She has made a statement with her bold personality and hardcore vibe, a far cry from her early musical upbringings in musical theatre. This fierce woman has taken a daring direction with her new music and emulates the alternative pop sound. Queen is a representation of what every woman wants to be… and Dani is cheering all the ladies on. “We all want to feel empowered, embrace our sexuality with confidence and I want to show women that they can.” – Dani Felt

Felt’s new single “Queen” is a forthcoming alternative/pop single that pulls no punches in its towering Imagine Dragons-inspired production and empowering message about women taking charge, both in the bedroom and in life. “‘Queen’ captures my alter-ego. I have always been seen as the nice girl, so I wanted to write a song that explores my own power and sends a message to men that women can be in charge.”

In addition to working on her solo career, Dani has made a name for herself in the music industry as an artist coach along with running one of the most progressive music industry networks for business.

The bold and daring new single is only a taste of what’s to come from the brand new Dani Felt who is about to take the pop world by storm.

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